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Chios Island Travel Guide, Chios Greece
The Island of Chios
Chios Island Travel Guide, Chios Greece
Chios Island Travel Guide, Chios Greece
Chios Island Travel Guide, Chios Greece
Chios Island Travel Guide, Chios Greece


Tholopotami is located 12 Km. south of Chios town. Tholopotami, built on Anemona hill is overlooking the area of Sklavia. Sklavia lies among Vavili and Tholopotami. It is a beautiful rural area, having wonderful view of Kambos and Kampochora as well as the Asia Minor coast. During the Genoan occupation of the island, a large part of Sklavia must belonged to the Justiniani family. the mass of the buildings, though ruined, is of great interest to researchers because it is considered the precursor of Kambos’ mansions.

Tholopotami, Chios

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Medieval Times
Virgin Krena, Holy Apostles, Virgin Agrelopou, Virgin Sikelia, Pamegiston Taxiarhon Monastery, Aghia Matrona Monastery, Fortress of Apolihni, Watchtowers
Late Byzantine Times
Monastery of Aghios Menas, Monastery of Plakidiotissa
Post Byzantine and Later Times
Monastery of Zoodochos Pygi

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