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Chios Island Travel Guide, Chios Greece
The Island of Chios
Chios Island Travel Guide, Chios Greece
Chios Island Travel Guide, Chios Greece
Chios Island Travel Guide, Chios Greece
Chios Island Travel Guide, Chios Greece


Psara 2A regular small ferry connects the island with Chios town. Takes up to four hours to cover the 57 nautical miles of distance between Chios town and Psara. There is also a caique connecting the port of Limnia (Volissos) with Psara. A journey less than two hours long.
At the area of Archonti on the west coast of the island, there was a Mycenaean settlement and cemetery in the middle of the 2nd millenium BC, extending at least 100 m. along the length of the shore and part of which is now underwater.
Life continued in Psara in post Mycenaean times. Finds from there, mainly pottery, indicate that it was inhabited from the Geometric period until late antiquity. The most important installation of historical times must have been at present day Mavri Rachi (Palaiokastro) where traces of habitation of Geometric times have been found.
Kimisis Theotokou Monastery (Donnition of the Virgin) at Psara was built in the 16th century and played an important role in the revolution of 1822, when it was destroyed by the Turks. It was restored by the monk Athanasios in 1880-90.
Psara’s beaches are decent, improving the further northeast you walk from the port. You quickly pass Kato Yalos, Katsouni and Lazaretta with its off-putting power station, before reaching Lekka ("narrow ravine"), fifteen minutes along, apparently named after its grooved rock formations in which you may have to shelter; much of this coast is windswept, with a heavy swell offshore. Limnos, 25 minutes from the port along the coastal path is a big and attractive beach.
Near Psara there is the small island of Antipsara which is uninhabited.
Not many travelers visit Psara and that makes them ideal for those who want to spent time at an unspoiled island of natural beauty.

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Date: Πέμπτη, 5 Οκτωβρίου 2006
costas dimitrelis, new york usa
Comment:i m from psara thanks for the information about my island
Date: Πέμπτη, 24 Φεβρουαρίου 2005
Roula Giannakos, Canada
Comment:My father, George Giannakos lives in Psara where he was born and raised. He came to Canada as a young man and we grew up here until he moved back in 1997. We all miss him so much and Psara is very special to us. My dad lives mostly in Limnos but spends the winters in Psara. I am intrigued by the way of life on that little island and cannot wait to be reunited with my dad. Thank you for posting beautiful pictures of the island, it is one of Greece’s secret treasures.