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Chios Island Travel Guide, Chios Greece
The Island of Chios
Chios Island Travel Guide, Chios Greece
Chios Island Travel Guide, Chios Greece
Chios Island Travel Guide, Chios Greece
Chios Island Travel Guide, Chios Greece

The Holy Shrine of St. Marcella

View onf the monasteryThe monastery complex of Aghia Marcella stands near a picturesque seashore in Volissos, the largest village of that area. It is the site of the saint’s martyrdom (1500 AD).
The saint, who was of Volissos origin, was orphaned at an early age when her mother died. As she grew, her physical charms stirred carnal desires in her lecherous father. Since she would not submit to his lust, she left their home and found refuge in the mountains. Driven mad, her father discovered her hiding place in the thick brush and set fire to it. As she ran from him along the seashore, he followed close behind, shooting arrows until one wounded her. She fell, praying desperately that the rock underneath her would open up and save her from a worse fate. The earth suddenly split and pulled her down, to her waist. Her father reached her, cut off both her breasts, then decapitated her and tossed her head into the sea. That area of water was made holy by the bloodied head of the girl, it is frequently transformed into miraculous healing waters. At the site of her hiding place in the bushes, the faithful erected a church in her name. On her Feast Day, July 22, a liturgy in official commemoration is attended by the authorities of the island, and thousands of faithful citizens take part in the procession and litany of the Holy Icon. And every year the Saint performs miracles on the spot.
Painting of Aghia MarcellaSeveral of the many miracles of earlier years (17th and 18th centuries) as recorded in the Chian Book of Saints include: the curing of two sick children (of two Volissos priests), the saving of a woman who was dying at Aghio Giorgis in Flori of Vrondados, the curing of a blind child, the healing of a sick girl from Psara who had cancer of the mouth, the miraculous intervention with a man who was unable to walk for years, the curing of a paralytic woman, and others. More recently (July 1992), an eye witness, the Rev. Nicholas Makris, related the following incidents concerning the Saint’s miraculous presence:
a) During a pilgrimage to the shrine, as the priest began to read the Gospel over the waters of Marcella’ s demise, the sea began to steam and the water lost its salty taste.
b) During Holy Liturgy at the Saint Marcella Church, as the priest spoke the words, "By having respect for God...," a Greek - American girl entered the church and called out in the presence of the people, "Father, listen to what just happened to me." But before she began her story, her gaze fell on the icon to the right of the iconostas which pictured the bloodied head of Aghia Marcella floating on the waves. The girl shouted. "There, that’s the girl I saw." And she related the incident. "My parents and I were walking towards the site of the Saint’s waters. Along the way, at the spot where the cross stands (the place where she was wounded by the arrow), I saw a woman dressed in black selling children’ s toys. I said to my parents. "Isn’t the girl here too early for the festival?" But my parents, could not see her. We walked further on, and on my way back, on the same spot by the cross, I saw the black-clad girl. "There she is" I cried out. The girl raised her hand, waved to me, and disappeared."
Icona on the stonesc) One day a thick branch broke off one of the eucalyptus trees in the church courtyard. On the spot of the break the face of a girl appeared with a halo around her hair. It was concluded that the face was that of the Saint. In addition to the above witnessed events the church is filled with countless votive offerings by the faithful who were cured of various afflictions and who are undeniable witnesses to the miracles of Saint Marcella.
Crowds of people from all parts of Greece gather at her holy shrine to receive its beneficent gifts. There are a good number of guest rooms in the courtyard, as well as convenient areas for camping and parking of cars.
The 45 kilometer trip from Chora, the capital city, is along a picturesque asphalt road that leads directly to the shrine entrance.

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